Black wild bear casually joins family picnic and demands peanut butter sandwiches


This family was on vacation and they here met a new friend. A loving black bear came to them and befriended with them. He wanted to join the family during their picnic.

He was waiting patiently for them to feed him a peanut butter sandwiches. And the men fed him straight out of their hand. Nesbitt one of them was gasping in disbelief as they were watching the moment.

They continued giving the bear tasty sandwiches and he sat there very patiently. It seemed as if he was one of the gang.

They were in a friend’s cabin and they said that the bear though was always there never bothered them. It seemed as if he was one of them.

They shared that most of them are always out in the wild and they were not afraid at all. But among their friends there were also people who were really afraid of the bear.

The bear came from the trees looking for food, while they were having some snacks the bear was calmly waiting to have his own food.

One of the men ecided to point the beast with his finger to wait just you do to your dog while he was getting the sandwich ready.

After it was ready he took it from their hands slowly. People hid the snacks of beers in case the beast wanted the refreshing drink. After being fed the animal went back to woods happy and unharmed.

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