Baby who was born with a huge face named Gavin, is now 4 years old. What he looks like now


Victoria and Joseph Silvestri learned that their son Gavin would be different when they were five months pregnant.

Through frequent consultations with specialists, they were completely prepared for the birth of an unusual baby.
On February 1, 2018, Gavin was conceived.

He weighed a little more than 3 pounds and was 46 centimeters tall, which is very typical. Exceptions include the baby’s enormous face.

The child’s peculiarity intrigued journalists, and at the same time, several major media outlets wrote about it.

As the boy’s popularity quickly increased, thousands of people began to subscribe to his parents’ social networking page. As well as following Gavin’s life, a large number of them offered help.

Various operations were endorsed to the baby immediately to recognize the reason for the component and forestall further facial broadening.

It turned out that Gavin’s face got bigger because of a problem with the lymphatic system. Since the boy is now four years old, it would take a very long time to normalize his size.

He is developing into a young man who is very intelligent and dedicated. He recently signed up for preschool, where he is making a lot of progress and getting praise from his teachers.

The child’s face is gradually returning to normal, despite the fact that it is still larger than usual.

Gavin should one day become an “ordinary youngster” and leave behind his extraordinary qualities.

In addition, his parents are doing everything in their power to bring that day closer. Additionally, only virtual pages online will preserve his childhood appearance.

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