Baby Horse Was Abandoned by His Mom. Watch What Happens!


Save the dog, cat, or another small animal you are an angel. Save the horse, cow, or another large animal you are sacred too.

Saving large animals requires unique skills, circumstances, and dedication. Thank you to everyone who does this out of love for animals.

This pony named “Breeze” was found wandering in Dartmoor National Park just hours after birth. His mother had left him, he was in a very bad condition.

Unable to find his mother, the little kitten slipped desperately on the hillside, trying unsuccessfully to suck the chickens.

While rescuers from a local horse shelter arrived to help, Breeze collapsed in a state of severe shock and dehydration.

The breeze was taken to a local equestrian shelter where he could receive 24-hour care. One day they found out he had an infection and was very malnourished.

He was given antibiotics a lot of food, but something is not right.

The little pony still looked sad because he missed his mother. Then one of the caregivers comes up with an idea that can be either brilliant or very bad. Watch what happens.

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