Baby Fell Asleep On Curb Watching Over Mom, Won’t Budge Even As Hunger Set In


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Stray animals struggle to survive every day. For a mother dog, finding enough food for her puppy was deadly. He tried to cross a busy highway but was tragically hit by a car.

He died instantly, so he was not hurt, but his child did not know what was happening. He was scared alone. He clung to his mother, hoping she would wake up.

One of the passers-by stopped his car and called the local rescuers with tears. He begged them to come immediately. When they arrived, they saw that the puppy was very upset.

His mother was his whole world, now that he was gone, he had no idea what to do with her. He did not want to leave his side, but the rescuers had to intervene.

The rescuers took both dogs and put them in their car. At first, they tried to give the puppy some formula, but he did not want to do anything about it.

He kept crying and squeezing in the corner of the cage. Even with their kind words and the comfort of the rescuers, the puppy just wanted his mother back.

The rescuers decided to bury the mother dog properly and say kind words. They vowed to take care of her child in her honor. Koto was brought to a veterinary clinic. He was weak from dehydration and malnutrition.

The veterinarian and his staff tried everything, but he refused to eat.

The veterinarian his staff had seen this before. When a puppy is so disconnected, they have no choice but to give him the necessary food and fluid. If they wait, he will not make it. They put IV let the puppy rest as comfortably as possible.

The rescue team the medical staff work around the clock to take care of the puppy he is making steady but slow progress. She is still very scared, she misses her mother.

It will take time for him to feel safe again, but no one is giving up on his recovery. Can we send this child all our prayers and best wishes?

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