At the entrance to the church, the bride prepared such a surprise that everyone burst into tears


Nowadays weddings are often a lot of fun, especially when the bride and groom collaborate to create their own unique version for the ceremony.

People prefer to get married in places that seem strange to many, dress up differently and take unusual photos.

Undoubtedly, it is preferable because it makes that important day much more memorable and unforgettable for the newlyweds, why not for their guests as well.  Some couples go out of their way to have a truly unique wedding.

And this one was just like that, when Mary Holland instead of old traditions decided to do something special.

By using that very famous song, Mary simply amazed everyone, and of course her future husband… Everything was so exciting.

When Mary entered with her father, no one was aware that she was holding a microphone behind her back.

When she began to sing, everyone in the chapel listened in amazement. including her fiance, Ronnie Eidswick.

That touching moment resulted in a desperate need for tissues at the end of Mary’s song.

When his beloved bride begins to sing, Ronnie can’t hold back the tears… It was such a great moment.

This wedding ceremony will remain in the memories of all the guests for a long time. Watch it here..

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