At first, they were all tense when the 10-year-old boy just came on stage, but after a while, he hit such high notes that everyone just got shocked.


A young man in a white suit came to the stage of America’s Got Talent and introduced himself as Peter․

To the question what he would do if he won a million dollars, he said he would definitely buy a Nintendo Switch and also a laptop that he needed for online school.

At first he was a little nervous, but when he starts singing “All By Myself”, all his fears disappear and her confidence takes the hall instead.

He starts out very soft and steady, after which, when he reaches the chorus, he shows his talent in full. His voice is so incredible that it just amazes everyone.

Only 10 years old and such a brilliant performance. As he finishes his performance, the judges start praising him for his fantastic talent, expressing their great admiration.

They were all in awe talking about how beautiful and wonderful he was.

At first they were nervous too that the boy would fail, but everything was amazing.

As all the judges give him a yes, his smile grows wider, and then he runs backstage to hug the woman who’s been following him throughout the whole performance…

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