Anaconda appears and takes the dog under water, dad jumps to save him


Some cyclists were off the trail in Sao Paulo, Brazil, when their dogs stopped to drink from a nearby river.

Just then, the anaconda jumped out of the water, grabbed one of the dogs, and pulled back into the river.

The other dogs started barking, and the dog owner ran.

He said. “When I heard their screams, I ran to see what was happening.

When I saw him, he hugged me completely and sank into the water. I immediately jumped into the water, by the grace of God I was able to find them under the water I pulled them out of the water. ”

In a tense, sometimes terrifying video, you can see how a group of friends gathered not only to rescue the dog but also not to damage the anaconda as they fought to release it into the wild.

The dog only had a non-toxic bite, it would be good. Wow!


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