After spending 14 years in a shelter the dog has finally got adopted and can’t be happier


It was so emotional that the dog’s dream had finally come true…

For many years, Stewart dreamed of finding his eternal family.

He is already a 15-year-old dog, but he entered the shelter for the first time when he was about 1 year old. It turns out that he lived there almost all his life.

All he needed was someone who could understand that he deserved unconditional love and just a comfortable place to sleep.

He was already adopted twice, but was returned back again. After those difficult days, Stewart began to fear that he would stay in the shelter forever.

He always waited for his hero to finally appear. One day, one of the rescuers wanted to make a video with Stewart.

To veryone’s delight it quickly spread and a woman, seeing the dog, could not remain indifferent and came to adopt him.

It’s true that the adoption deadline had passed and the dog would have to spend the rest of his life in the shelter, but he and other members of the community did everything they could to arrange the adoption, knowing that Stewart would be overjoyed at the news. They both needed each other.

After being adopted, the sweet doggo’s life changed dramatically. He feels great, like he’s reborn, no drowsiness or fear of loud noises.

We are so happy for this sweet boy who reminded us all to never lose hope.

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