After multiple stabbings by his own father, the 9-year-old boy was adopted by the detective assigned to his case.


Sometimes even the saddest stories have at least a glimmer of hope.

9-year-old Ronnie is the hero of our story, who managed to survive multiple stabbings by his own father, who was later convicted of murdering hi’s mother and sister.

On that terrible night, the poor boy even witnessed how his father brutally killed his mother and sister.

He said that he remembers that terrible day, but he was so scared that for a moment he did not even understand what was happening…

After killing Ronnie’s mother and sister, that brutal man approached his son, stabbed him 25 times, and then started burning him.

The thing that he stayed alive was a miracle to everyone who heard about that disastrous incident.

He was even so seriously injured that according to the detective, there could be absolutely no reason for him to survive.

He also noted that during his entire life it was the “most terrible” case he met. There were so much pain that it just seemed unbearable.

Imagine the hardships young Ronnie went through at just 9 years old. Along with all that, there was something bright in this story that will warm your hearts too.

In an unexpected turn of events, the boy was adopted by the aforementioned detective Michael Blair and his wife Daniel, who is already the couple’s sixth child.

They are ready to take care of the boy with great love and affection, giving him everything he needs.

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