After meeting each other, the two-legged puppies formed the strongest bond ever, helping each other in everything


These two sweet creatures are as close as two pancakes on a plate.

The thing is, IHOP was born without two legs — but that hasn’t stopped his adopters to take him home and they simply adore him.

But things were not so good at first because his previous owners decided to euthanize him.

Duke and Steph, learning about it, did not hesitate and took the dog to take care of him until they would find a new home.

IHOP is a very sweet and kind dog who manages to capture the heart of everyone who sees him.

IHOP felt good in his new foster home, who helped him overcome all the difficulties.

One day a great idea came to them. They realized that IHOP needed to find a friend who could teach him how to adjust to having two legs.

SO they found the best solution for the baby. Waffles was only 10 weeks old when he was rescued.

The sweet doggie suffered a spinal injury due to which he lost 2 of his legs and also had two different colored eyes.

Therefore, the foster parents organized the meeting of these two unique dogs.

And it was just the most wonderful meeting that they could imagine.

They became inseparable after the first moment of their meeting.

They seem to understand that they are so similar to each other, like two drops of water, and that fact strengthened their bond even more.

They can be considered the most perfect duo ever.

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