After her mother was hit by a car, she trembled for days in the same place, hoping she would return


The dog puppy, now called Baby, was left on the streets when his mother was run over and killed in a car, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

The good Samaritan began to leave food and water for his other lost ones every day. Every time he went out, he saw the puppy sitting in the same place as if waiting for his dead mother to come to him.

Fortunately, the baby was finally rescued before it was too late. He was nervous about getting in the car for the first time, but he was so grateful that he finally got out of the icy streets.

He was taken to a veterinarian, where he received his vaccinations, worms, lice, and parasitic drugs. Fortunately, he received a clean health bill.

On his first night, he ate a lot and slept, two things he really could not do on the street.

After he finally got a good night’s sleep, his effervescent character appeared. He was very energetic, playful, alert.

The child was even adopted now gets a second chance to live in a warm, loving home.


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