After being rescued from horrible conditions 156 beagles can finally enjoy the taste of freedom


After 156 beagles were found and rescued in a research laboratory in India, it was found that these poor puppies did not even have minimal sanitary conditions.

Fortunately, they managed to save the dogs in time and were taken to CUPA.

It is also located in India, which is created for the protection and welfare of animals.

It takes care of stray, a bandoned and injured animals.

Thanks to this organization, 10,000animals have already found their forever homes.

Recently, they undertook the mission of rescuing these poor creatures, after which they began to take care of them and prepare them to go to new homes.

After getting rid of those harsh conditions, they were so excited and happy that they didn’t even know how to express it.

Big dog smiles finally appeared on their faces. Many of these dogs had never even seen the light of day before, being kept in small cages.

After all that, of course, at first they were afraid to go out and did not let people approach them.

So they had a brilliant idea. To get the dogs out of this situation, they brought a group of children to come to the dogs and it really helped them adjust to their new life.

They feel very safe and happy. Most of them has already found their homes after a few days, while others were placed in foster families until they were ready to be adopted.

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