After being rescued 5 little kittens want to hug each other until they’ll wind their forever homes


Five rescued babies hugged each other all the time until they wound find their forever homes.

Last month, shelter volunteers rescued 5kittens who were in a very difficult situation.

The cats were left outside in that summer heat, which was quite dangerous for them.

So OFOSA, knowing about their condition, rushed to rescue them.

Angela Su, one of the volunteers, offered to take them under her care so that they would recover faster.

In the beginning, the cats were very fearful and they were even frightened by the fact that people approached them and tried to pet them.

But thanks to Angela’s hard work, that all soon changed as they began to realize that they were safe.

When the babies overcame their fears, they started hugging each other non-stop and their bond grew even stronger.

Angela worked around the clock giving them the best care to restore their health and strength.

They even started eating normally, playing together and breathing easier.

They all started to recover perfectly, becoming active and curious kittens.

Angela did everything so that they would not feel the absence of their mother and it seems she succeeded.

After so many difficulties, they are blooming day by day and are already on their way to their happy futures.

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