A wanderer hiding under the tracks sobs when he finally gets in the car to escape


The employee of the railway station found the wounded stray dog, called the rescuer Anna Igorna K. for help.

Vova wagged her tail, seeing their arrival as if she knew she was saved. And once in the car, he sobbed like a child.

It was as if he wanted to talk about everything he had been through in life. They rushed him to the hospital for an X-ray, which revealed a completely severed spine, worse than they expected.

Maybe Vova did not understand what was happening, but she was a good sportswoman with all that.

A few days later, her health began to improve, but she still needed acupuncture, a straighter spine, to be able to a wheelchair.

Due to her tough spirit, Vova would walk again. The dog is getting stronger day by day, and his new life has just begun.

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