A teacher decides to follow her student to find out where he goes with that plastic bag every day and what she saw just shocked her…


Sandra Elliott, working as a teacher, also had a doctorate in academics.

The thing is, however, she and her husband were deprived of the opportunity to have children…

Sandra was simply adored by all her students, because she always tried to help them, taking an interest in their lives outside of school too, but no one would have thought that all this would lead to discovering something very unexpected…

One day, she suddenly noticed her student, Robin Hollister, who was looking out the window at the time.

It caught her attention that it was lunch break at that time but she was not eating.”

Maybe he’s not feeling well?” So she was about to approach him, but just then the school principal her him and she had to leave.

She decided to ask Robin about it the next day, but he was nowhere to be seen.

At that moment, when she looked out the window, she saw Robin leaving the school with his plastic bag in his hand.

Sandra hurried out and started to follow Robin. She saw the boy reach into the trash can and collect the leftovers in his bag.

It was such a shock to her. When Robin noticed her, he quickly ran away.

Sandra wanted to ask him why he was doing that, but she had to go back already, so she had to wait until she saw him the next day.

Unfortunately, Robin was nowhere to be seen the next day. The teacher even rushed to the garbage cans again, but he was not there.

Dejected, she walked there and suddenly noticed that Robin was crossing the street with the same bag in which he collected the leftovers.

After that, Sandra drove to follow the boy to find out where he was going.

The boy was happily walking down the street at that time, but she still had no idea what was happening.

Then the boy entered a narrow alley, so Sandra must have already followed him on foot. She followed the boy until he stopped in front of an old house.

Sandra stood in an alley so that Robin would not notice her. Soon the door of the house opened and two children came out, a boy and a girl.

Then a woman came out who looked very bad. Sandra noticed how the children’s happy expressions began to fade as they looked at the woman.

Suddenly, the woman started shouting at the children, grabbed their ears and took them home. The children were crying loudly, asking her to let them go.

Seeing all that, Sandra couldn’t stand it anymore and decided to come closer.

“What kind of mother are you? They are your children. Can’t you see that they are suffering?”

“Who are you to tell me what to do?” I will do what I WANT, they are my children.”

Suddenly the children rushed out of the house and followed Sandra and asked her to help them Sandra quickly picked up the phone and called James, her husband, who was Police officer, and asked him to come over.

Within seconds, they came and saved the children, and their mother was arrested for child abuse.

After searching the house, they found full bottles of alcoholic beverages. Sandra then took the children home, and fed them.

That day, as they sat next to the children, the couple realized that they wanted to adopt them, giving them everything they had always been deprived of.

As for Robin, it turned out that the boy took the leftovers to the children every day without telling anyone, but the woman always warned him to stay away from the children.

Thus, thanks to that wonderful boy, two children were saved and now they live in a very warm and caring family.

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