A sweet dog that went missing 5 years ago has finally been reunited with his beloved family


Tannya Ohanian is the director of օne of the animal shelter, recently received a call about a dog and at first hearing about it, she thought that the puppy was just a stray dog.

However, she could not imagine that this dog was taken away from his family and he had to spend the last five years outside, missing his family so much.

The poor dog tried his best to return home, but could not. When he was brought to the shelter, he was safely scanned by staff to try and find a microchip, but what they found was not yet up to date.

Soon, however, it seemed that the fortune smiled on the sweet boy. A few days later, the organization called Micdrochip Hunters was able to find more detailed information about the dog’s past. It was a real miracle.

Thanks to their efforts, they were able to find out that the pup was not an ordinary stray, but his name was Dottie, and he had a family that he had lost 5 years ago.

Soon they were on the phone with the sweet dog’s family to tell them the great news. it was a real shock for them. After so many years…

They missed their dog so much. It was simply indescribable emotions.

They were still not sure if the pup would recognize them, but when they entered, everything was obvious. He couldn’t forget his family and knew exactly who they were.

It was such an emotional moment for everyone and all of them started crying.

Their beloved dog, for whom they had cried so much, was in their arms again.

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