A single mom agreed to marry a guy, but she didn’t know he was going to propose twice during that day


At the age of 29, Ira lacked the best baggage: depression, several dozen extra pounds, and a failed relationship with a foreigner. However, Ira was pleasantly surprised by the chance.

Ira was depressed after breaking up with the cheating Italian and didn’t even consider starting a new relationship. However, she accidentally found an email from a dating site.

The girl hadn’t signed up for the site before, so she opened the email to see if the Nigerian Emmanuel Oja was still interested. The girl decided to speak with the guy to learn English before saying goodbye.

However, she didn’t have to learn the language: Emmanuel lived in Russia, not Nigeria, where he is studying at the university, and spoke excellent Russian.

Ira and Oja maintained their communication and exchanged personal contacts on a dating website. Emmanuel made the decision to travel to Ira’s hometown a few months later.

The couple exchanged kisses when they met. Ira says she felt like a young girl for the first time when she kissed.

The young people had a memorable first meeting and spent some time together, and then Emmanuel left once more to continue his education. On the other hand, Ira was a hairdresser in her town.

The relationship over long distances was rapidly developing: The couple communicated via video links, phone calls, and social media messaging platforms.

On March 8, during a different meeting, the guy asked, while watching a romantic movie: Would you be my husband? Ira hesitated before responding positively.

Although it is difficult to classify a question of this nature as a full-fledged marriage proposal, it has no emotional impact.

Additionally, the young people tied the knot when Oja received his diploma. However, the Ebola pandemic in Nigeria prevented his relatives from attending the ceremony.

However, the husband and wife went to the African nation on their own whenever they could. Ira was greeted by the relatives of her husband with warmth and hospitality.

They were even pleased by her weight because it is believed in Nigeria that a large woman is ideal for reproduction and childbirth. The girl recalls with joy the two years Ira and Emmanuel spent in Africa.

The couple then relocated to Ufa, where they intend to have children and achieve financial stability. William and Victoria are the names they want to give to their daughter and son in their dreams.

Ira and Emmanuel’s genuine love for one another went unnoticed for the past four years: Despite the fact that this is not customary in his home country, she gives him birthday cakes and he gives him flowers.

The fact that fate brought them together makes them both extremely happy and grateful.

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