A mean girl asks single dad with crying newborn to be kicked out of cafe: they meet again


Luisa entered the coffee shop on a busy Monday evening, placed her order for a regular coffee, and took a seat with a view of the bustling city streets. She had suffered greatly that day.

She hoped to find some time to unwind between long meetings and projects with tight deadlines before returning home to review some documents before going to bed.

She quietly thanked the waitress as she placed her order on the table. Luisa took a sip of her hot coffee, put down her iPad, and looked around.

She then noticed that a baby was staring at her from the next table with big eyes and applesauce all over his mouth.

While her infant played with the food, she assumed the man on the phone was a single parent. If not for the fact that he was feeding a child at 7 p.m. in a cafe in formal attire, why was his office bag nearby?

“Gross!” Luisa mumbled before turning away. She didn’t like babies. They were so desperate for love and attention that their constant crying made her feel uneasy.

However, it appeared that the child at the table next to her was delighted. The baby started to cry when Luisa turned around, and her tears fell like a waterfall down her cheeks. “What an ordeal!” She was angry about it.

Luisa was irritated to see that the father was still on the phone when she turned to look at the table. A child crying was the last thing she needed to hear after a long day at work.

“Forgive me!” From her desk, she called the man. ” Tell your child to be quiet! Too much crying from him! She insisted.

Before continuing with the call, the man apologized while simultaneously attempting to soothe his infant. Luisa called the waitress after nothing changed.

“Please offer them a second table! or simply discard them! She demanded, “Do something, get them out of my sight.” However, the waitress had no options.

The waitress apologized, saying, “Ma’am.” As can be seen, every table is taken, and the only ones left are on the terrace, which is too cold for the infant.

She offered, “I’ll talk to the father anyway.” Luisa noticed that the man had ended the call when the waitress came up to his table and spoke to him. “I regret.

He seems tired and sleepy to me. He will most likely settle down shortly. Luisa overheard the man saying, “I apologize for the inconvenience.”

Luisa was unable to contain her rage. She came up to the man’s table and ordered him to leave. She was even more enraged when the crying child vomited on her clothing at that point.

The man expressed his sincere regret to Luisa. Please allow me to make amends. “This is absurd!” screamed Luisa. She said, “I’m leaving this place” as she left the cafe, glaring angrily at the waiter and the man.

She hoped she would never meet the man and his son again, and she never went back to the café.

After a year, Luisa had a chance encounter with a handsome contract worker at the same company as her. He was charming, courteous, and self-assured—everything she had hoped for in a partner.

She learned she was pregnant shortly after they began their romantic relationship. Luisa told her parents when she saw it, but they weren’t happy.

Her father grumbled, “We don’t want that man involved with you or our family.” Her mother stated, “Your father is correct.” He doesn’t owe you anything.

He does not attend our class, and in terms of the baby, we can assist you with parenting. Luisa was taken aback. When she learned of her wedding, she had hoped that her parents would be pleased.

Her father owned the business, so when they decided to move forward with their plans, they sold both of them.

Luisa moved into Teodoro’s studio a few months later because she could no longer pay the rent. He was happy to care for her while she was pregnant because he was working for a small private company at the time.

They were overjoyed at the birth of the child and knew that all of their efforts and sacrifices had been well worth it.

Luisa decided that it was time to look for a new job—perhaps part-time—after Teodoro got a second one. She received an unexpected invitation to an interview at a publishing house one day.

She had to take her daughter Eva with her because she couldn’t find a nanny with such short notice. Luisa was very excited about the interview because she had always enjoyed writing.

She did, however, realize that she was the only one carrying a child as she approached the room.

When her name was called, the woman outside the interview room informed her, “I’m afraid you won’t be able to come in with her.” Luisa said, “I’m sorry.” She cannot remain alone here. Please comprehend.

The woman accepted it with a sigh. Luisa froze when she saw the interviewer’s face as she entered the office. Although it had been a long time, she was certain of her photographic memory’s accuracy:

It was the man she’d been mean to for months. “Do you know me?” The man motioned for Luisa to take a seat and asked. You appear familiar.

Luisa smiled and said, “Oh, well.” When we first met, your infant was wailing…” “Ah!” He exclaimed, grinning. I recall. Take a seat, please. I hope you are aware that we rarely talk about having children in interviews.

Eva started to cry before Luisa could say anything. She was extremely embarrassed and upset at that point. I’m so sorry. Oh, no. I thought, “I couldn’t leave Eva at home.” “May I?”

He pressed. “What?” She stated, perplexed. “May I briefly hold her? I think I’ll have the option to quiet her down.” Since she had nothing to lose, Luisa nodded.

He gave Eva to her, and as soon as he started playing with her, the little girl stopped crying. Luisa said, “She seems to like you.” That is unlike her!

The man stated, “I love babies.” By the way, my name is Jonathan. I am a single parent in addition to being the company director.

Luisa’s tears were out of control. I can’t leave Eva alone, and I don’t know how else to put it. I don’t have the best financial situation, and I don’t think I’m qualified for this position if I can’t get her to work.

I apologize.” “No, it’s fine. All of it works. I would like to speak with you. Your profile impressed us greatly. Please…” Jonathan hired Luisa after conducting an interview.

He told her that the company had a small daycare for its employees. This would let her work while keeping her daughter close by and knowing she would be safe.

He stated, “I also understand because I am a parent.” Additionally, Mrs. Vidal, at the end of the day, we all have issues to deal with; all you have to do is be patient and understanding of your fellow man!

Jonathan was greatly appreciated by Luisa. She not only got a job that day, but she also realized that empathy is necessary for peaceful coexistence.

While raising his son, Jonathan was a single parent who was responsible for most of the company’s responsibilities. All of this while maintaining a remarkable human quality.

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