A magnificent woman immigrates to US with only $300; Now she leads NASA Mars rover team


Many individuals move to the US looking for a superior life and more open doors, including Diana Trujillo. She experienced childhood in Cali, Colombia, and had areas of strength for an in science and space since the beginning.

Much to her dismay how far those fantasies would require her years and years after the fact. She turned her vision of having a science profession with NASA into a reality.

She fills in as an aviation design specialist, driving a 45-man group at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab. There, her group dealt with making the mechanical arm for the Perseverance Mars rover.

As a young lady experiencing childhood in Colombia, Diana yearned to investigate the universe and acquire comprehension of it. This interest prompted her going out on a limb to accomplish her fantasies.

She realized she needed to seek after a lifelong in science however saw many obstacles in her way. Being a Latina lady in a male-ruled field, Diana felt uncertain how far she could propel her vocation.

In any case, her Dad felt that having the option to communicate in a subsequent language would give her a benefit. He turned into her greatest team promoter and proposed she live with her auntie in Miami while going to class.

In this way, she chose to move to the US at simply 17 years of age to seek after a science profession. She just had $300 in her pocket. In any case, she promised to become effective in her new country.

She took occupations in housekeeping to pay her direction through school at Miami Dade College. There, she took English classes and furthermore signed up for advanced plane design courses.

While she needed to battle through school, in some cases taking six transports to get to class, she won’t ever gripe. Regardless of cleaning restrooms for her work, she was appreciative for the opportunity to accomplish her fantasies.

“I saw everything coming my direction as an open door,” Diana told CBS News. “I didn’t see it as: ‘I can’t completely accept that I’m finishing this work around evening time, or “I can’t really accept that that I’m cleaning a restroom this moment.’

It was simply more like, ‘I’m happy that I have some work and I can purchase food and have a house to rest… ‘”

Nonetheless, she had one more justification for needing to move to the US to concentrate on science. She likewise felt roused to turn into a plane architect to demonstrate a portion of her family wrong.

“I needed my — particularly the guys of my own family — to perceive that ladies add esteem,” she said, adding, “it came from needing to demonstrate to them that we matter.”

At the point when she got to school, nonetheless, she had an alternate inspiration to succeed. The day she needed to announce her major at the University of Florida, she recollected not knowing what to pick.

Then, when Diana arrived at the senior member, she investigated at a magazine cover with female space explorers on it. At that moment, she realized she needed to seek after aeronautic design.

She additionally saw that scarcely any Hispanic understudies or ladies remained in accordance with her. At that point, she recalled a piece of why she chose to sign up for school in the main place.

Diana proceeded with her examinations, studying space science at MDC. Her teachers perceived her endeavors and urged her to apply to the renowned NASA Academy.

The preparation program enthusiastically acknowledged her, and she turned into the principal Hispanic outsider lady in the foundation.

She succeeded, and NASA extended to her an everyday work opportunity alongside only another understudy from the foundation. Diana opposed the chances to work for NASA, however she has a greater mission in mind.

While selected at the NASA Academy, Diana got to know robots master Brian Roberts. He quickly saw her true capacity, requesting that she join his NASA space advanced mechanics research division at the University of Maryland.

There, she procured a Bachelor’s certificate in Aerospace Engineering and graduated in 2007.

“By moving to the University of Maryland, I was a year behind in my vocation, yet it was worth the effort since I figured out how to get into the NASA training division as the Academy’s tasks supervisor,” she told the Colombian paper El Tiempo.

Sometime thereafter, she turned into an individual from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in the Constellation program.

She additionally started working in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory on human and automated space missions. Since being employed at NASA, Diana worked her approach to turning into the Flight Director for the Mars Rover.

She hit a vocation achievement in 2014 when she drove the functional wellbeing group for the Curiosity Rover. During this mission, she fostered a residue expulsion device to assist scientists with better investigating Mars’ surface.

This critical accomplishment acquired her acknowledgment as one of the 20 most compelling Latinos in the innovation business. From that point forward, Diana has just continued to set the bar higher.

At the point when the Mars Perseverance wanderer arrived on Mars last month, Diana gave analysis to the noteworthy occasion. This obvious NASA’s very first Spanish-language transmission.

Following that, Diana facilitated NASA’s very first Spanish language broadcast called Juntos perseveramos (Together we Persevere).

Since it streamed live last month, it has gathered over 2.5 million perspectives on YouTube. Since she chose to move to the US, Diana has achieved to such an extent.

As per the Student Research Foundation, Hispanics make up just 8% of the STEM labor force, of which 2% are ladies.

Diana keeps on empowering ladies, particularly minorities, to pursue their fantasies, regardless of their experience. She accepts more noteworthy perceivability of minorities in STEM will move more kids to seek after professions in this field.

“The abuelas, the mothers or fathers, the uncles, los primos, similar to everybody needs to see this,and they need to see a lady in there, as well.

Thus, that they can pivot to the more youthful age and say, ‘she can make it happen, you can make it happen.'”

Diana actually dreams of one day being a space explorer and going on space missions. Nonetheless, the present moment, her main goal is to urge more ladies to seek after vocations in science and designing.

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