A kind-hearted man from China adopted 12 daughters, who had been abandoned on the street


Of course, in many countries it is quite common that all children regardless of gender, are considered equaլ․ However, gender has a significant impact in different regions of the world.

It was in the 1980s that China began a policy whereby each family was only allowed to have one child, resulting in many abortions based on gender as well.

In China, the foundations of gender discrimination were laid in very early times, because a boy has more opportunities to get a job than a girl. There are many such examples and this kind of thinking has led to many social problems, shaping society’s attitude towards women.

The implementation of such a policy forced many families who had daughters to place them in orphanages. It even happened that they left the children in the forest or on the street. Yu Shangzhong was one of those people who refused to stand by all that.

Yu once found an abandoned child on the street one day and couldn’t leave him in the shoebox, so he took the child home with him.
After that, he and his wife adopted 12more abandoned daughters.

Their life was not really easy as it may seem, because Yu had to work as much as he had time and opportunity. Being the only worker, it was difficult to feed all the girls. So they decided to find a couple who would agree to adopt their older girls because they were living in difficult circumstances.

It made it possible to improve the chances of a happy existence for the girls. 4 of the girls are currently studying at the university, and one of the girls does Chinese embroidery.

Everything seems to be going well with them. daughters even gavee him a gold ring on the 70th birthday of their beloved father. I wish there were many generous and kind people like Yu.

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