A frightened dog was found after jumping into a trash can


A small dog was taken to a garbage can near the highway in the city of Hartwell, Georgia, ilovemydogsomuch writes.

He looked inside, seeing the terrified, cold, hungry Chihuahua looking back. He immediately contacted the Flat Animal Rescue Organization (HCAR) for assistance.

The area had been freezing for a week, and seeing the dog starving and trembling, he had to suffer alone for a long time. Rescuers took the dog to Lavonia Animal Hospital for medical treatment and posted a Facebook post to help retrieve its owners.

The post received an overwhelming response, but nothing was revealed about the location of the owner. In the absence of CCTVs in the area without a microchip, the chances of finding the heartless person who casts their eyes are quite slim.

Now the mood of a little dog named Caroline quickly rose with all the love and care he received in the hospital. The shelter took him to a foster home, where he went on fun trips and hugged the people around him.

HCAR volunteers hope to find wonderful families for all the innocent dogs in their shelters. Anyone wishing to adopt Caroline or help other abandoned stray dogs such as Caroline can visit their website, Hart County Animal Rescue.

Update. After hundreds of people applied to adopt the sweet girl Caroline, he found a wonderful eternal home where he would never have to endure any more violence.

We hope that there will be a happy, loving home for every abandoned dog.

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