A fisherman from Filipino kept a pearl worth 100 million dollars for 10 years without even knowing its real value.


Some people don’t even know how rich they are. It often happens that some of thme inherit a painting worth an entire fortune, or someone else has a book that was published in a limited edition about 100 years ago, which is very valuable to collectors.

There are many such stories, but today we are going to tell you a very special story that will really surprise you.

It is about an ordinary fisherman who now has the biggest pearl.

It was 2007 when he was caught in bad weather and decided to take shelter in a rock recess near the island of Palawan.

When the man decided to go inside, he saw a huge mollusk with a pearl inside, which was simply amazing.

The pearl, which was called the Puerto Princess, was taken home by the fisherman and placed under his bed. A few years later, his house burned down, so he had to look for a new house to live in.

As for the pearl, he decided to take it to the nearest tourist office. When the crew saw it, they were extremely surprised. It was a 66 cm long and 35 cm wide pearl weighing about 35 kg, undoubtedly the largest pearl known at the time.

As experts have noted, the pearl will cost at least 100 mln dollars, which is simply unaffordable for most people.

As for the fisherman, it would be simply fantastic for him.

However, he never got rich and his find has since been recognized as the property of the nation and placed in a museum. They thanked the fisherman and named the pearl “Puerto Princess” in honor of the city.

It was the largest pearl found. Anyone who visits Palawan , goes to see it. The pearl really amazes everyone. True, the fisherman was not given any reward for this, but after that his name was written in the Guinness Book.

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