A coal miner ran to the basketball game immediately after work as his son was waiting for him, but couldn’t even imagine what awaited them…


He immediately ran to the Universty of Kentucky’s Rup Arena after finishing his work. He is Michael McGuire who is now considered a very famous father. Since he didn’t have time to shower after that day’s shift, he was completely covered in dirt.

But regardless of everything, he had something very important to do: he promised his son to watch a basketball game together.

Seeing these two, a fan decided to take a photo of father and son while watching the game. After posting it on social media, it instantly went viral and even the basketball coach was excited when he saw the picture.

He said at a press conference that the photo really touched his heart and it moved him so much that the coach decided to post the photo on his Twitter page, explaining why it moved him so much.

After all that, he also mentioned that he wants to give them VIP tickets. At first he couldn’t find them, but after asking around, he was able to contact his wife Molly and tell her about it.

“He ran quickly to be with his son and came after his shift to watch the team play. I don’t really know who he is, but they will be treated like VIPs.”

McGuire’s wife told the coach, that her husband works very hard and is very modest. “Although it’s quite hard work, he works there so that I don’t have to work. Apart from the fact that he cares about it, he is also a great father”.

She also mentioned that he has done this many times so that he can watch the game with his son.

When the coach called Michael afterward, he told Calipari that when he was called into the office to answer the phone, he initially thought he maybe had done something wrong there, but everyone just started congratulating him when he walked in.

McGuire was so eager to attend the game and be with his son that without a moment’s hesitation, he went there without even taking a shower. He just got into his car and left because he was late leaving the mine and his son was waiting for him.

“Of course, the whole point was not just to watch the game. First of all, he wanted to be there with his son, that was the biggest reason. That’s why he did that and nothing else bothered him.”

After that,many many hoteIs have been calling to offer them rooms since that sweet picture went viral.There were even many calls from a lot of restaurants offering dinner and what was most surprising was that the car lot offered a car to the man.

“Isn’t it great for such a humble man to know that people really appreciate him and what he’s done?

Calipari also said that he’s really grateful for that because that’s how his family started in that country. It was in the coal mine that the Amercan dream began. Now he wants to do the same for this family.

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