A brave 11-year-old boy saved the life of a girl named Milana who jumped into the river and was drowning


Azamat had come to the village to visit his grandmother and was playing on the river bank with the neighbors’ children, when a thirteen-year-old girl decided to jump into the river.

The point was that Milana did not know how to swim, but she wanted to measure the depth of the river.

Of course, the water could not forgive such a thoughtless step, but fortunately, the boy named Azamat immediately jumped after her to save her.

About four meters deep, but he was not afraid and bravely jumped after the girl.

Grabbing Milana’s hair, the boy pulled her to the shore. After that, only noticing them, the elders came to help.

Milana had swallowed a lot of water, but luckily they were able to bring her back to her senses and everything ended well. .

Azamat’s mother, talking about her son, confidently said that he was a real fighter by nature. He likes sport very much and especially wrestling.

Recently, he managed to take the third place in a competition. His family is really proud of their little hero.

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