A 50-year-old chained and abused elephant cries when rescued at midnight


All the Raju elephant knew for 50 years of its life was the pain and suffering it caused people. But another group of people will change that soon.

This is Raju. He lived in India, where he survived on rubbish, everything that tourists gave him.

But after 50 years of abuse and torture, rescuing Raju at midnight will save him from the pain of a lifetime.

This was the time when the Wildlife SOS charity in North London moved. This salvation brought Raju to tears.

Here he weeps at the moment of salvation

It’s so sad to see.

Puja Binepal, a spokeswoman for the UK charity, said they were shocked to see the elephant cry. “It simply came to our notice then.

“We knew in our hearts that he understood that he was being released.”

They were worried that Raju’s owner might run away from the scene. He even tried to prevent salvation by shouting orders, trying to frighten Raju.

But Wildlife SOS did not give up. “We stood our ground, refused to back down, and when we did, tears began to flow from Raju’s face.”

Raju got out of the truck a minute after midnight on July 4 and was released.

Now he will spend the rest of his life free from pain and suffering.

Many thanks to Wildlife SOS for everything they did for Raju. Such a sad story, but with a huge ending.

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