A 30-Year-Old Horse Was Abandoned After Years Of Abuse


Arthur, a Belgian conscript, spent most of his life as a working horse in a New England farming community. But when he turned 30, they no longer needed him.

From there, he went from auction to auction, from dealer to dealer. During his journey, he met another horse named Max, with whom he became very close.

The two were on their way to a high-profile murder auction in New Holland when Cindy Daigre, the founder of Ferrell Hollow Farm Senior Horse Sanctuary in Tennessee, rescued them.

Daigre saw the two horses on a site where the horses were mediated. He saw how emaciated these horses were, so bad that he knew he had to do something to save them.

“I was told that Arthur was deliberately starving while waiting for the next auction. The man who invited him often sells thin old horses to ‘cat man’ for meat with exotic cats,” Daigre told The Dodo.

“I was terrified.” Fortunately, with the help of others, Daigre was able to hire a carrier to take both horses to his sanctuary.

Although the horses were safe now, Daigre knew they had a long way to go.

Arthur was so thin and weak that he could not even stand on his own. He was exhausted, just lying on the ground with no appetite or food.

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