11-year-old Chihuahua threw himself into the 100-year-old woman’s arms mending her broken heart


The senior dog, named Gucci, lived with 22 other dogs before meeting 100-year-old Johanna, who came to the states in 1950 from Germany.

It was simply love at first meeting. They seemed to be made for each other.

Johanna said that when she saw Gucci, he immediately threw himself into her arms, giving her the sweetest and warmest kisses.

Everything happened when Johanna lost her beloved dog, Rocky.

Although she understood that no dog was going to replace her, she still felt lonely and realized that it was time to adopt another dog.

Her life seemed empty and she wanted nothing more than the companionship of a puppy.

She had great faith that her dog’s soulmate was waiting for him somewhere out there and she should go after him.

Arriving at the shelter, she saw 11-year-old Gucci there. When he saw the woman, she immediately ran to Johanna and from that moment they became inseparable.

Gucci is now having a great time with Johanna. He sits on his chair and Johanna begins to massage him.

Johanna is helped by her daughter and also her guardian. What refers to Gucci he is now living his best life.

We wish these two a long and happy life.

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