Without a moment’s hesitation the brave dog sacrificed his life to protect his family from a poisonous snake…


Dogs are rea,lly man’s best friend, and this family from Malaysia has recently been able to prove it with their own experience.

The point is that the poisonous snake had crawled into their house and at that time their dog, Chico, immediately noticed it and entered into an unequal fight with the snake without a moment’s hesitation.

When the dog noticed it in their house, he immediately bravely attacked the reptile fighting to the end.

Sadly, the snake still managed to bite the dog. He went out on the porch, lay down on the ground and passed away…

They could not save the life of their beloved dog, because the poisonous snake managed to bite the dog to death.

It was too late to change anything… Everyone just adored this dog, considering him a full family member.

And it was not in vain as he proved it with his brave and selfless act…

“You are always in our hearts, Chico. We will definitely meet again one day, but in a better place. Rest in peace, our brave boy,”

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