When the woman looked back to check what her dog was doing, what she saw, just shocked him


Howard is a 5-month-old huge doggo who doesn’t seem quite used to his rapidly growing body.

He adores swimming and often goes for a walk with his mother.

This puppy is quite curious and also super active

He always likes to explore all the places in the car.

The thing is, if the car is parked at that moment, the seat belts are off, he suddenly decides to jump into the front seat, and when the car moves, Howard stands on all fours, sticking his head out of the roof.

Then Howard decides to smell what’s in the trunk, and when something smells good, he flies in there on his front legs with his back legs dangling over the back seat.

He just eats whatever tempts him there without waiting for his parents’ permission.

It was so funny that the video made by McKenzie immediately went viral and spread all over the world.

Howard is growing bigger day by day and amuses everyone with his strange habits.

He just likes to live outside of all norms and rules, just doing what he likes the most.

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