When the therapy horse visited the man, he was so moved that he just couldn’t hold back the tears


He was bedridden for several months due to his health problems.  He just got a visit one day from someone who could help him, even though his doctors are doing their best to help him recover quickly.

His guest was Paçoca. He is a therapy horse who works with the volunteers of Coletivo Incluso and their main goal is to help people with special needs.

Recently, a heartwarming video went viral of Pacoca visiting his father where he first sat quietly next to Joey, creating a quiet environment of comfort and love.

In the humble exchange of it all, they felt like the kind of relationship his father needed most.

Joey was very excited when the horse came to him and he will definitely never forget this visit.

It was more than just a memory.

The use of therapy animals to help patients has already become very popular all over the world, the results of which on the health and well-being of patients are undoubtedly very satisfying.

It can significantly reduce pain, sadness, and anxiety in patients with various health problems.

It not only helps those who are are sick, but it also positively affects others who come in contact with them.

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