When the locals noticed the dog, who had fallen on the snowy road, immediately approched to help…


The old dog had spent most of his life on the streets, never knowing what it means to have a loving and warm family.

Recently, he found a new place and started ”living” there. Once when he was going to his place again, the neighbours heared a sound, after which he fell down on the snow-covered road.

When they approached the dog, they noticed a wound on its body and it was assumed that someone had shot it.

It’s just unbelievable how people can be so cruel. The dog was quite old, so it was possible that he had been thrown out by his previous owners …

The dog was so weak that it could no longer walk. When the girl and her neighbor found the dog, they sheltered it because it was very cold.

They didn’t know how to help the dog because they didn’t have a vet in their village and the clinics were quite far away.

Lately they managed to contact a doctor who advised them to give the dog pills until someone would go and help the dog.

As there was no one that would be able to do something for the dog, the girl called his friend and they together took the dog to the clinic.

There they said that the dog could no longer stand on its hind legs, the reason for which was later told by the veterinarian.

After the X-ray, they found out that he had many bite marks and a broken hip.

During all this time, Jack behaved very indifferently, from which it was clear how much he was tired of such hard life…

Now they are waiting for the results of the tests, which will determine whether the dog will be operated on or not.

Let us hope that he will finally be freed from all his sufferings.

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