When the 5-year-old pianist sat down at the piano, it was just a real WOW


When a five-year-old boy came on stage and sat down at the piano, something like a fairy tale happened. The audience was waiting impatiently.

The boy didn’t seem to be worried at all about his performance and, confidently opening the lid, suddenly started playing Mozart’s most difficult composition without making any mistakes. After the first notes, it was already clear what a professional the little boy is.

The admiration of the audience was obvious. Of course, they immediately recognized that famous composition by Mozart, which even adult pianists can play with great difficulty.

The kid was simply gifted with incredible skill. Let’s also not forget the size of his hands. When this adorable performance of the boy appeared in the social media, it quickly went viral.

The boy’s name is Alberto Cartucha Cingolani, who grew up in a family of musicians. He was able to play since he was three years old and his talent was probably passed on to him from his pianist parents.

His speech was simply stunning, which will not leave anyone indifferent. Hurry up to watch it here.

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