We met this dog while walking on the beach and his story touched our hearts so much…


The girl and her family were walking on the beach when they suddenly noticed the dog.

He was sitting on the shore and was constantly looking at the sea, as if he was not interested in anything else in this world.

When it became clear what was the reason for it, it touched them a lot. The dog did it for a particular reason.

One of the residents told them the story behind it and it simply touched their hearts.

Looking at the dog, it was obvious that he was not an ordinary street dog, because he was well taken care of and also had a collar.

Everyone in that area loved this dog a lot. One man told that the thing is that dog’s owner is a fisherman who died some time ago, but the dog is still waiting for him…

He comes to the beach every day, looks at the sea, and doesn’t go anywhere. People always feed him here, many even wanted to take him home, but he never agreed to leave the beach. His loyalty knows no bounds…

Fortunately, people at least do not ignore him, surrounding him with love and care. What a heart-touching story.

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