Two courageous brothers saved the whole class as the bus driver suddenly lost consciousness and died…


It was a Tuesday morning when a bus full of children headed to school with schoolboys Connor and Seamus, who were brothers.

The driver was 78-year-old Arthur McDougaill. The bus suddenly turned to the side and almost fell to the floor.

Conor said that he did not see how it happened, but only heard a rumble from the fall. Then the bus started to turn right, going towards the pit.

At that moment, Connor realized that thesre was no time to waste and he had to act, otherwise the bus could overturn and crash.

Connor knew he had to stop the bus at all costs. He immediately jumped up and hit the brakes, yelling for his brother to quickly call 911.

Unfortunately, the driver had died, so Seamus had to do everything so that his classmates would not panic and stay calm in their seats.

He tried to calm everyone down, saying that everything would be fine and that the police would arrive soon.

Then he came and hugged one of them because he was very scared and crying.

Therefore, thanks to the efforts of these two brave boys, it was possible to save the lives of those on the bus.

If there weren’t for these two brave and smart brothers , the bus could have fallen into the valley.

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