The wildlife photographer managed to capture incredible photos of super unusual friendship


He is really good at taking wonderful moments.

The photographer Lassi Rautianen managed to take some very exciting photos recently, bringing us some great shots from northern Finland.  They undoubtedly deserve our attention.

This photos show what an incredible friendship can be born between 2 of the most ferocious predators.

Of course, no one can find out or know exactly why and under what conditions the bear and the wolf became such close friends.

Probably, they were both left alone, and in order to survive, they decided to unite.

They undoubtedly feel calm and safe together.

Lassi is most fond of exploring wildlife, with the main goal :to bring us closer to nature.

With all of his photos, he wants to show how amazingly beautiful the nature really is.

All his projects are very impressive and thanks to which people are able to discover nature and study its every detail.

In his latest project, the photographer decided to free people from some myths by highlighting all the beauty of predators.

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