The tiniest pygmy possum who was once considered to be esxtinct has been discovered again recenlty


The pygmy possum is the smallest of its kind, which was once thought to be extinct.

The little animal was found again a year ago, when a terrible forest fire occurred and after that almost 90% of the island was destroyed.

Australia’s wildfires severely damaged biodiversity, resulting in the loss of nearly three billion lives.

It was assumed that many species disappeared forever, but the discovery of these creatures showed that the opposite is also possible.

They were found by the Conservation group of the Island .

There have been 113 pygmy possum sightings on the island, with the possum weighing around 0.35 ounces extremely difficult to spot.

The lack of information about these animals for many years led to the assumption that they had disappeared a long time ago, but the meeting with them really gave warm emotions to the rescuers.

Although these fires destroyed most of the habitat, the search efforts allowed the discovery and rescue of creatures that had been neglected and considered extinct for years.

It was very important because many animal species consider unburnt vegetationb as their last refuge.

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