The sweet dog, who was also once a rescue dog, became a foster mother to two newborns


A super sweet dog promptly adopted two kitties knowing exactly what they needed.

Encore and Paxie were only 3weeks old when they were rescued and taken to the shelter.

They were provided with round-the-clock care, with bottle feeding every 4 hours.

One of the caring volunteers, Susan Hicks, welcomed them with open arms.

The brothers were kept in comfortable conditions where they felt very safe; Susan’s efforts paid off and they learned to eat, walk and explore their new home on their own.

Susan also has a sweet dog, Ginger, who seemed overjoyed at the arrival of their new guests.

She knew so well what they needed. Ginger was saved a few years ago, appearing in the safest hands.

She was heavily pregnant at the time. Thanks to Susan’s excellent care, she and her babies felt very well and even after a short time the babies found their forever homes.

It was from that time that Ginger discovered her great affinity for little babies who needed a mother’s love.

Ginger helps Susan with everything, washing their faces and helping them to eat like a mother cat would.

They both seemed to adore their new mom.  They love to play around Ginger, jump on her and then fall asleep in her arms.

They just blossomed in no time with their mommy.

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