The super adorable calf born on the Valentine’s day, got a very special sign on his forehead


The most remarkable thing was that he was born on the fourteenth of February, in honor of the day of love.

The calf was unique in that it was born with a heartshaped mark on its forehead.

Everyone was so happy to see this baby. It was a real sensation and something like this had never happened on the farm before.

The baby has already managed to melt the hearts of many with its unique appearance, and many, hearing about its birth, came to see the little miracle.

Thanks to his unusual mark, which gave him a perfect appearance, the unique little one managed to become a star in a short time.

He is now living happily surrounded by the people that love him. People who came to visit him said that it was a real Valentine’s card.

The farmer McAuley, who was the owner of the farm, wanted to choose a special name for the baby that would suit him best.

He decided to ask his children to come up with a special name, but the boys were so fascinated by the calf that they preferred to play with the small baby instead . He is so sweet and bright.

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