The sick pit bull who used to shiver incessantly, has become completely unrecognizable…


The pit bull was shiivering incessantly.His skin was inflamed and smelled rotten.

In addition, he had other problems: swollen paws, eyes clogged with mucus. Everyone thought he would eventually be euthanized.

They didn’t even give him a name at the shelter. He spent most of his time in his cage completely alone.

One day, however, a woman named Audra came to the shelter because she wanted to find a companion for Gigi, her 2-year-old daughter.

Of course, this poor dog thought that he was invisible to the whole world and that no one loved him, but when Gigi saw this dog, she shouted.

“Mom, this.”

Gigi approached the poor pitbull and began petting him so gently. Audria kept showing her daughter other dogs, but the girl kept coming back to the sick pit bull and begging her mother to take that dog home.

The staff of the shelter, seeing all that, washed the dog and let them play with Gigi there.

An inexplicable connection seemed to have arisen between them at once. They get aong so well with aeach other and played together for hours.

Pitbull felt so comfortable with Gigi and shook every time when they tried to separate them.

Audra finally decided to give in because it was simply impossible to keep these two apart.

So they brought the dog home and named it Scarlett. The sick dog finally felt so calm and no longer isolated in a corner.

They spent every minute together, never leaving each other. They became inseparable friends in a very short time.

The former sick and weak dog has now turned into the sweetest and friendliest boy in the world, who has found his warmest corner in this world…

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