‘The saddest dog in the whole world’ is waiting for his forever home until he is put to sleep


She is cosidered “the saddest dog in the world.”

This dog is homeless again and had been put to sleep years ago, unless someone came to take him home.

The thing is, she was already adopted once, but she bit her new mom’s hand, probably trying to instinctively protect her food.

So it was fatal for the poor dog and she was returned to the shelter.

However, after some time, the shelter workers managed to find someone who wanted to give her a second chance at life, so Lana was adopted again.

Unfortunately it also failed. According to the shelter staff, the point is that people want their adopted dog to have fun and allow to be petted.

It is true that Lana is a very sweet and funny girl, but she’ s not the type of dog that will let pat her belly.

Therefore, several days were allocated to the dog, after which they were going to put her to sleep.

So will you become the person who is ready to please the “saddes dog in the world” again and give her a smile?

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