The rescued beagle got so excited when he walked in the grass for the first time…


Sami is one of the thousands who survived the harsh conditions and is now starting a new life.

He had been deprived of even the most basic pleasures that puppies love.

Sami was finally placed in his new foster home as well and he now lives with a wonderful family.

They enthusiastically offered to open the doors of their home to the miracle boy.

At first he was quite shy, but the warm family environment changed everything in just a few days.

He even had a dog bed in the room that he wouldn’t leave even a few feet.

He simply adored it and it was understandable that it was the result of being in harsh conditions for a long time.

However, everything is in the past and Sami is enjoying every day of his new life,.

Soon he also found grass in the yard. He was in such a place for the first time and was extremely happy.

From a shy dog he became an energetic and very happy dog in just a few days.

It was also a great joy for the family to see the prosperity and enthusiasm of their foster dog.

They are sure that Sami’s example will encourage more people to adopt one of these beagles and give them the same happiness as they deserve the best.

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