The police department already has a new member who is going to fulfill all her duties with utmost responsibility


The Dedham Police Department has hired the most handsome cop you’ve ever seen.

By little cop, we mean a sweet Golden Retriever who recently got hired at a place that suits her perfectly.

She will assist school officers whose mission is to keep Dedham’s teachers and students safe.

The puppy is already officially considered a “Community Resource Dog”.

The police department recently published pictures, which show how excited the dog was for her new very important and very responsible job.

On the first day, the students of the school had to decide on her name and after voting, it turned out that her name was going to be Ruby – a great name for this beautiful girl, right?

She has already started training hard so that she can fulfill all her duties in a dignified manner and become an active and full member of the department.

According to the police department, the sweet dog will work to de-escalate certain situations, interact with vulnerable and withdrawn members,

also with members suffering from mental health or stress, helping victims and those who have witnessed violence, and of course, promoting police-community engagement.

As it turned out, this brave girl is expected to have a very responsible and important job,

but we are sure that she will perfectly perform any task given to her.

She has just ‘appeared’ there, but it has already won the hearts of all members of the community.

Everyone is so excited that the dog will already be working there, because just her presence has already given people great exctiment and happiness.

Let’s wish good luck to our sweet Ruby and wait for her new achievements.

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