The orphaned gorilla hugs his carer everytime he sees him, as if wanting to express his endless gratitude for everything he does for him


This is a very precious moment, which undoubtedly deserves the attention of all of us.

The photo you see on your screens has a very exciting backstory. There’s an orphaned gorilla who hugged his rescuer after being rescued.

He is now being cared for by the very kind and friendly workers of the Limb wildlife center, who have created such conditions for him where he can live life to the fullest.

Since the first day he came here, he has developed a special bond with his guardian, Alvin, and every time he sees him, he hugs him, thus expressing his great gratitude for saving and caring for him.

It is very important for the orphaned gorilla to feel safe and calm with his guardian.

This center is a wonderful place for animals affected by the illegal wlldlife trade, staffed exclusively by people like Alvin, who is extremely dedicated to his work and adores animals.

Now you can enjoy these warm photos of them, which show their endless love and devotion for each other, as well as a video posted below, which tells about the daily care of the sweet gorilla.

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