The man amazed everyone with his 2 new friends who don’t want to leave his side anymore


Friends are the best part of our life, whom we choose as our second family.

True friends never leave us alone, always feel our pain, share our joy, support us in every matter, even without asking for it.

They always appear at the right time and in the right place…

This person can definitely be proud of his friends, because very few people manage to create such fantastic bonds, even with such creatures that are not so famously friendly.

As you can see from these photos, this man really took a picture with his foxes and this is all completely real, not part of a movie.

His name is Patsy Gibsons and he has two adorable friends. They are Grainne and Minnie.

Gibbons discovered them when they were just cubs who had been abandoned by their mother.

He hesitantly began to feed them, deciding to take care of them until they were able to return to mother nature.

Soon the animals fully recovered and felt great, but it seems that they feel so calm and peaceful with their favorite human that they don’t even want to leave him and go back to the wild.

Instead, they have already decided to become the adopted children of a kind man.

All three of them always get the attention of local children, and it even reached the level that now schools often invite them to see them closer.

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