The lady went to puppy caked in mud and trash so that she needs to hold back her tears


Sometimes even after knowing that someone is in need we never go to help the little ones. DAR animal rescue shelter found out about a little pup that was on the streets in terrible conditions.

A woman noticed the poor one and posten o her acoount that who was able could help. She was covered in mud fully. It’s heartbreaking that she was left in there all alone.

Luckily one of the DAR saviors came after the pup and she was not able to understand why do people have to treat them so cruelly. The tiny dog was in a terrible condition and would not survive for sure.

Poor baby! The rescuer wrapped her up in the blanket and put intp the car. Too her to the vet right away. The vet removed the ticks that were eating her blood and there were lots of them.

Also her eyes had bad infection so she needed to get thogh some medication. Nobody knows for sure when was the last time this poor creature ate. She finally got her food and water and loved it truly.

The vet tried to lift her up but sadly she was too weak. She also was anemic because of a blood loss from the parasite.

Everybody is working hard to save the poor creature, nobody can tell for sure what will happen next but her future is now more vivid and bright. The most important thing is that he is safe now.

We ask you all to pray for this little animal and hope that she will get a chance, that she deserves. Never forget to support the rescue organizations and animal shelters in your community.

Only together we can make even a slight change.

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