The incredible chihuahua trio is searching for a home to spend a lifetime together!


Meet the trio of Chihuahuas Chico, Daisy and Mitch. That came a long story. They were found living in a caeavan with lots of other pups.

When they first arrived to the shelter they were very nervous and had lots of problems connected with nervs. Lots of time was needed to build their trust back.

But after that they became much more confident and lovable. But nothing changed their love towards one another.

The trio are the best budies and they can’t stand being apart from one another as they are strongly connected. Now the rescue team hopes to find new amazing home for them all.

Tiffany mentions that they were way too scared when arrived there. It takes time to get to know each other and now they can say for sure that even if they are small they can be very mighty.

They are all very alike but also have their very own personality and the one thing taht is same for all is love for each other. Everybody hopes that they will find a place where three of them will be loved and cherished.

The saviors describe them as fiesty and they need someone to meet their own individual needs. many people were interested with them but the group could not find the perfect fit for them.

Each of them has their own unique features for example Daisy is the most bossy she will make you work for her love. But once she trusts you she becomes the most lovable and cuddly dog.

She loves walking and chasing Mitch around. Chico is the most independent in this trio. He is happy on his own. He also loves cuddling at bedtime. And Mitch is a quite timid but is a truly lap dog once he knows you.

He did not like going for walks but with time he learned that walks can be very funny. All they want is to find a good family and be relaxed together and just be the way they are.

Of course it will take some time to find a perfect match for them but the rescuers won’t give up on them. They will find their forever home for sure.

Adopting a trio is a great responsibility but they just need to take their time and all will be good.

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