The good Samaritan managed to take the stray kitten home as after a few hours she gave birth


The cat was able to find a good man who, understanding everything, took him to his house.

It was just what the kitten needed because she wanted her kittens to be in a safe and calm place.

The kitten was wandering outside when the Good Samaritan saw her.

At first it seemed to him that the kitten was lost and he tried to find its owners, but no one responded to his posts.

He then realized that the cat’s belly had grown, so ot was obvioud that she was pregnant.

The cat was so pleased that she met that kind person and was going to stay in a very suitable place where she could live and then take care of her kittens.

She found her safe home just in time, as her babies were born a few hours later. They were two sweet kitties.

She performed her motherly duties perfectly: she kept them clean, fed them, then cuddled and put them to sleep.

The cats are becoming more active and curious day by day, and Willow is watching them with her mother’s pride as he couldn’t be happier having such a wonderful family.

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