The dogs of the organization are being trained to save people by their scent… Video below!


We hear stories about many many people that save stray animals almost every day, but the stories when, for example, dogs save people are not so common for unknown reasons, but they are not few too.

Recently, a video was shared on Twitter showing how the volunteer got buried in the snow and got rescued by their trained dog.

It’s about Mountain SearchDogs organization, which is made up of search dog trainers and rescue dogs themselves.

Dogs are even trained to react to the scent of a person, through which they can find them.

They don’t specifically track down someone missing, but respond to a given human smell that they already know.

Once a volunteer went and got buried in the snow, during which Flo had to do everything to save him.

They decided to film all this and show the excellent skills of their trained dogs.

The rescuer was hiding further away than the dog was at the moment, so he should have been able to find him in the snow by scent.

Knowing very well what to do, after a few seconds he began to walk slowly and entered under the pile of snow.

Then he started to dig through the snow with his paws and nose and thanks to that he was able to open the way and go to the wanted person.

When MRSDE tweeted this video detailing the training exercise, it immediately went viral, receiving wonderful comments from millions of people.

Everyone was delighted to ask about the rescue dog, which is our hero Flo. He is a 5-year-old Collin who is very smart and hardworking.

It is already clear that with these excellent results, he is undoubtedly going to be nominated as hero dog of this month.

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