The dog was almost on the verge of death, but this kind man did everything to bring her back to life…


Mildred has had many difficult times in her life and had to endure many challenges.

When she was first seen on the street, she was so thin that all her bones were visible. She was very weak and could barely stand.

But no matter what, she refused to give up. At that time she could not even imagine that life has prepared a wonderful surprise for her.

The Asher-House is a non-profit organization founded by Lee Asher.

He rescues stray dogs who have been abandoned and left completely alone.

He often posts videos of rescued dogs, including one recently introducing Millie, which shows her unsteady legs walking slowly.

Eyes wide, she walks shyly towards Usher, who is waiting for her with outstretched arms.

It may seem like it was the end, but even in that difficult moment, she was full of hope and did not give up on life.

Millie was feeling better day by day, playing with the other dogs and cuddling them.

Two months had passed since the next video was posted about the sweet dog.

It is true,that her ribs were still visible, but he slooked healthier and stronger.

Her weight is increasing every day and her gait has become much more stable than before.

She even runs with the other pups, loves to swim and paddle with her daddy.

We are truly very gratefuI to Asher for his kind heart and life-changing work. You are a hero, Asher.

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