The dog just couldn’t wait to reunite with his beloved toy again who was undergoing a little surgery


Hayli Alaksanyan recently published a very adorable video, where her father “operates” on the broken toy, while the dog watches and waits in a very worried state.

Leo accidentally tears his toy, his best friend, which he always takes with him wherever he goes.

He is very attentive to his little brown toy, but he knew it was his fault and there was nothing he could do to help his beloved toy.

So Haley’s father came to their rescue, knowing that the dog, Leo, was very sad and desperate.

Leo was so worried about his friend that during the entire “surgery” he never left his side.

He was there every minute, waiting the whole time while Haley’s dad fixed it up.

Haley was so anxiously following all that.

After a short time, the toy was perfectly renewed and the dog was so happy.

He was happy to know that his friend was fine and could come back to him. What a happy reunion!

After that day, the sweet boy will undoubtedly be more careful while playing with his favorite toy, but at the same time, the dcog knows that he can always count on his father, who will always come to the rescue, no matter what.

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